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Our Church Home

William Lane Craig

Christian Apologist
Best-Selling Author

At Blue Springs Christian Church We Believe...
Life Changing Worship:   Gifted musicians lead us into God's presence as we praise Him in spirit and truth.
Service Opportunities for Everyone:   God has a purpose for everyone He brings to BSCC. We want to help each person discover his/her unique gifts and abilities and experience the joy of serving Jesus.
Care for the Family:   We care deeply about each family. We have programs for all ages so that each member of the family can find support, encouragement, friendship and hope.
Clearly Defined Purpose:   Our purpose is to lead people to Jesus and bring them into a fulfilling, Christ-centered lifestyle.
Practical & Positive Messages:   Our goal is to provide Biblical answers to the issues you face each day in a way that leaves you encouraged and equipped.
Leadership by Example:   Our leaders are servants first. They are women and men who are honoring God, following Jesus Christ and meeting the needs of others.
Emphasis on Outreach:   God loves everyone. Within driving distance of BSCC live thousands without a church home. We see outreach as an investment in their lives.
Loving Environment:   We provide a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus. We want to do all we can to help you feel welcome and loved.
Our Mission: We are guiding people into a fully devoted relationship with Jesus together.
Our Plan: We are growing in our love for God, love for people, and a heart to serve.
Our Steps: Worship + Small Groups + Serve