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William Lane Craig

Christian Apologist
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Activity SubjectDatePresenter
Truth Project - Grace6/7/2016Truth Project - Grace
Is God the same in the NT and OT?6/21/2016Larry Thomas
Prayer & Who are we to pray to7/5/2016Heath Sears
Do you have to repent to be saved?7/19/2016Larry Thomas
How can I know if I am really saved?8/16/2016Wayne Caddell
What is our Heaven and earthly citizenship roll in politics?9/6/2016John Wilkinson
Ray Vander Laan9/20/2016Sandy Adams
Heaven?10/4/2016John Christisan
Open Discussion/Once saved always saved10/18/2016Wayne Caddell
Nephilim - Genesis 611/1/2016Heath Sears
Womens roll in the Church11/15/2016Larry Thomas
Truth Project12/6/2016John Hamilton
Fellowship 12/20/2016Everyone
The Bible and how to study it1/3/2017Wayne Caddell
Ray Vander Laan1/17/2017Sandy Adams
Open Discussion/Muslim Religion2/7/2017Larry Thomas
??????2/21/2017Steve Wieduwilt
Prophecy3/7/2017Wayne Caddell
Is Jesus really God?3/21/2017Heath Sears
What is circumsision of the heart4/4/2017Larry Thomas
Schedule for the 2017-2018 Lessons & presenters4/18/2017Wayne & Larry
???????5/2/2017John Wilkinson
Demons and the supernatural6/6/2017Larry Thomas
No meeting (4th of July)7/4/2017None